Massage Services

 All massages offered at Massa Body are tailored for each individuals needs and specifications ensuring the utmost benefits for each client.

Half & Full Day Packages

-  Starting at $200 per guest


Multiple service package. For inquiries and booking, please contact Massa Body directly via phone number at 269.857.5773

Massage Therapy

-  Starting at $80


Massage Therapy promotes calms the nervous system, improves blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, relieves muscle pain, and helps with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and muscle spasms.

Hot Stone Massage

-  $95


Hot Stone Therapy is particularly beneficial for easing muscle tension, reducing stress and anxiety levels as well as healing damaged tissues in ones back. It also aids in releasing toxins and promotes healthier skin overall.

Mini Massage

-  $40


Mini Massages are offered as a "pay-per-minute" service meaning clients who prefer to have shorter sessions can do so according to their preference.

Fire Cupping

-  Starting at $50


Fire cup therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that has been utilized for centuries. A therapist places fire cups on specified areas causing suction which is beneficial for reducing pain & inflammation as well as increasing blood flow to said areas. 

Facial Cupping

- $35


Facial Cupping is a therapeutic method that utilizes suction cups on your face to help brighten your skin, relieve scars and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and promote overall healthy oil production on the skin.

CBD Massage

-  Starting at $100


Relax and enjoy a Classic Massage infused with CBD oils. CBD has been known for centuries to be a great natural pain reliever along with alleviating symptoms related to stress and anxiety.

Thai Yoga Massage

-  Starting at $150


Experience a rejuvenating and detoxifying session in our Himalyan Pink Salt Cave for an ancient form of massage preformed with the utilization of assisted yoga positions and acupressure along the body’s energy lines.



Infrared Sauna

-  Starting at $45


Ease your mind and relax in our infrared sauna which offers benefits to your health such as detoxification, weight loss, and pain relief from muscles and joints. It also promotes healthier skin and tightens areas experiencing wrinkling.

Steam Treatment

-  Starting at $50


Similar to our Infrared Sauna treatment, our Steam Treatment offers many of the same health benefits but also assists in clearing congestion and improving your immune system.

Detox Footbath

-  Starting at $55


Our Detox Footbath helps to purge large amounts of toxins within the body by releasing them through your feet, cleansing major organs such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Herbal Footbaths 

-  Starting at $55 


Amazing for tense muscles, congestion, or may be customized to your specific needs. We utilize curated selections of healing essential oils, bath salts and more in order for our client to experience a deeply relaxing and healing session.

Salt Cave

-  Starting at $50 per guest


Meditate in our Salt Cave while alleviating your lungs and mind through halotherapy. Halotherapy utilizes salt that is infused into the air which aids in opening and clearing airways as well as reliving stress and anxiety. It is very beneficial to those affected by asthma or who have consistent congestion.

Massa Classic Facial

-  $80


Our classic facial treatment helps clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead cells. It also alleviates and prevents early stages of wrinkling in the skin, giving you a lively glow after. Specially curated Sorella Apothecary products are used in variations of our facial sessions. 

Massa Mini Facial

-  $50


Similar to our Classic Facial, enjoy a simple and shorter session to help in rejuvenating your skin for a clear shine and glow.

Body Scrub

-  $65


Utilizing sugar crystals, a body scrub assists in removing dead skin cells, improves cell growth, and smoothens and soften out the skin. Massage services can also be included upon booking.

Body Wrap

-  $65


Our Body Wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins along with body contouring, temporary inch-loss, skin tightening, and skin softening. Massage services can also be included upon booking.

Sound Therapy

-  $85


Sound Therapy is conducted using specific instruments that resonate certain tones to help in reducing stress and anxiety as well as lowering blood pressure.

Access Bars

-  $85


Access Bars is a non-invasive energy process that releases recipients from unproductive behavior patterns.

The Skinny 

-  $85


A body wrap and facial utilizing specialized essential oils to assist weight loss.


A fire cupping and hot stone combination massage utilizing heat therapy to heal sore and tense muscles.

The Melt 

-  $85

Back & Bars 

-  $90


A specialized spa treatment including a back focused massage accompanied by a relaxing and releasing access bars session.



IV Drip Therapy services are administered by a licensed, insured and accredited on-site RN under the supervision of Dr. Dominic Bongialli and Kristin Bouche, MSN, CRNA, BSN, APRN of Infuse Wellness in Mattawan, MI  https://infusewellnessmichigan.com/about/

The Massa Body Complete 



A complete IV infusion providing a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to replenish, energize and hydrate to your full potential. 




A functional IV infusion providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins and active ingredients to promote adrenal function, mental acuity, and stress tolerance.

Includes: Vitamin C + B 12 + B 1 + B2 + B3 + B5 +B6 + L-Taurine + L-Glutamine + L-Arginine + Magnesium + Sodium + Calcium + Zinc + Manganese + Chromium + Selenium + Copper + Chloride + Water. 



A functional IV Injection providing replenishing fluid, electrolytes, vitamins before, during and after all life draining activities.

Includes: Vitamin C + B 12 + B 1 + B2 + B3 + B5 +B6 + Magnesium + Sodium + Calcium + Chloride + Water + Standard ingredients for identity, strength, quality, and purity. 


Get Up & Go 



Burn Fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism.

Includes: B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Glutamine + Arginine + Ornithine + Lysine + Citrulline + Carnitine.

Myers Cocktail 



A functional IV injection providing replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to combat a weakened immune system and get you back to life.

Includes: Vitamin C + B 12 + B 1 + B2 + B3 + B5 +B6 + Magnesium + Sodium + Calcium + Zinc + Chloride + Water + standard ingredients for identity, strength, quality, and purity.

Simple Hydration



The perfect remedy for dehydration and hot summer days. Replenish your body with simple normal saline to hydrate your organs and cells.

Vitamin D 


Often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is made within the body when your skin is exposed to sunlight. But getting enough rays can be especially challenging in the winter season, when grey days are more common than not. If this lack of exposure is not set off by vitamin d food sources or supplements, a deficiency can result. Replenish your deficiencies with a Vitamin D intramuscular injection today at Massa Body. 

Vitamin B12 

-  $30


The Vitamin B12 helps to replenish Iron Deficiencies and help your body to properly use fat and carbohydrates to create proteins. This is an intramuscular injection. 

Boost your HEALTH and LIFE today by clicking the link below to schedule a IV Vitamin Drip 

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